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Are Crows Dangerous?

Are Crows Dangerous?

Whenever you hear a loud “caw” sound outside, you are sure to understand that it is none other than a necessary evil: crows. Although their reputation indicates otherwise, crows play an essential part in uplifting our ecosystem. They consume waste and help in the prevention of diseases. In addition, crows have unique personalities and are extremely intelligent. They have problem-solving skills and can recognize bad intentions.

Crows are dangerous in case they are hurt or threatened. When the crows or their children are under attack, they become defensive and might look dangerous. Usually, they have good judgement and no reason to be afraid of them.

However, they are also known to be dangerous and incidents of crow attacks are not a surprise either. This leads to a never-ending loop of questions: Are crows dangerous? This article gives a detailed insight into the several behavioral traits of crows.

Why do crows attack humans?

Crows are not rude as they seem to be. They are highly territorial and have a strong sense of protection. Moreover, they have a strong sense of recognition and often mean no harm unless they feel threatened. Here are some of the reasons why crows might seem dangerous but are not:

1. Defending the hatchlings

The most common reason for a crow to attack is to defend their young ones. Crows work hard to build their nests and incubate their eggs for at least 20 days. Moreover, they take care of and feed their young ones for the next 30 days. Hence, they are highly protective of their nesting area. Besides, young birds trying to fly, the death of a young one, etc. are some of the instances when crows are vulnerable and can attack humans aggressively.

2. Asking for food

Similar to other animals, crows are attention-seekers as well. Moreover, if you usually put some food out for the birds to feed, you might be husky susceptible to a crow attack. Although it isn’t deadly, they will surely chase you till they are fed. This behavior is usually observed when crows require attention and food from human beings.

3. Threat

Owing to their intelligence, crows are known to carry grudges. They have a sharp memory and often resort to taking revenge by attacking humans if they have harmed them in the past. Besides, if an individual enters the nesting area, they are quick to associate them with intruders and often react aggressively.

Do they always attack?

Crows have a great sense of judgment. Unless you have a genuine reason to approach them and cause them harm, they are likely to stay out of your way and maybe flee when you go near them. Moreover, once the breeding season is at the end, they do not feel the need to defend the nesting area and hence stop attacking. In addition, crows might sneak up and chase you to get your attention. This is behavior is mostly seen if you feed them. The attacks, in such scenarios, are less severe and mostly seek attention.

Are they dangerous to cats?

Belonging to an extended group of birds, crows, in general, have territorial tendencies and may attack other animals and humans alike. Although the attack is not severe all the time, one must steer clear of such situations and take preventive measures.

Crows don’t usually go after cats unless it feels threatened by them. Since cats are considered to be predators as well, crows often attack them to defend their young ones.

A crow killing a cat might seem paradoxical, but the probabilities are certain given the situation, size of the cat, and its ability to defend itself. Given their omnivorous practices, it is safe to assume that crows can try to eat a kitten if the opportunity arises. While it is highly unlikely, they will surely attack small kittens if they wander close to their nest. Besides, they have high memory capacity, hence they can remember dangerous encounters. So, keeping your cat away from crows is the best way to prevent an attack.

Crows also tend to pick up cats, especially kittens, and leave them elsewhere. This might indicate a protective move. However, this can be easily avoided by keeping your pet cat in check and using methods to track them whenever they go out.

In some cases, crows often come together to attack a predator. This behavior is known as mobbing. It comprises of loud calls, flying towards the intruder, etc.

Are crows bad for the yard?

While crows are a necessary evil for the ecosystem, they might not be a good ally for your garden. This is due to the omnivorous nature of these birds. Apart from fish and other animals, they also eat seeds, fruits, etc. This can be a problem since crows can uproot small seedlings and cause damage to your garden. Besides, their incessant cawing can feel irritating and often scare away other small songbirds.

How can you avoid a crow attack?

It is quite difficult to track a crow’s nest and understand its nesting behavior. So, taking preventive measures is often recommended, since crows can silently attack you from the back. Here are some of the best ways to avoid a crow attack:

1. Stay away from the young ones

Crows are highly protective of their young ones. If you tend to get too close to their nests, they will surely attack the intruder to save their babies. Hence, it is recommended to steer clear away from nests, especially during the breeding season.

2. Do not disturb

Similar to other animals, crows usually don’t bother anyone, unless they are threatened. Moreover, they are highly intelligent and can easily sense if any individual means harm to them. So, refrain from making sudden or aggressive moves and keep your distance to avoid attacks.

3. Keep your surroundings clean

Apart from being omnivorous, crows are mostly scavengers. They mostly eat garbage and are attracted to dustbins and dumps. Hence, if you do not wish to encounter a crow, make sure to keep your surroundings clean.

4. Find other ways

Crows are highly misunderstood. Hence, many tend to poison them or even try to destroy their nests. This will only make them more aggressive towards you. Instead, if you observe crows in your yard or have nests in the background, installing scarecrows might help.