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How To Attract Crows To Your Balcony?

How To Attract Crows To Your Balcony?

Crows belong to the category of social animals and so can be seen in flocks wherever they go. They are mostly seen in forest areas and on electric wires in the group. As they are not human friendly, they are not seen in our balconies or gardens. But, this doesn’t mean that they cannot be attracted to your balcony. Continue reading this article to know various ways of attracting the crow.

Can the crows be attracted to the balcony?

The crows can be attracted to your balcony if you arrange the things which the crow likes. You can use crow feeders, provide proper roosting pole, remove noise, keep their favorite food and water source and attract crows to your balcony.

Let us have a look at different ways in detail.

What are the different ways to attract crows to your balcony?

The different ways that you can use to attract crows are as follows:

1. Crow Feeders

Crow Feeders are one of the easy ways to attract crow to your balcony or garden. You can purchase the suitable one from the online stores or create one of your own with the easily available materials in your house.

2. Roosting Ground

As crows are social animals, they like to observe their surrounding by sitting in one place. So, you can create a horizontal roosting pole for the crow in your balcony so that they can enjoy their view. You can also place the roosting pole beside the feeder, so that they can also enjoy their food at the same time.

3. Remove Noise

Crows get scared if they hear a random noise around. So if you want to attract crows to your balcony, remove the noisy objects from the balcony like the bells, wind chimes, etc

4. Decoy Crows

Crow prefers feeding in groups, so you can place a decoy crow in the balcony so that other crows can notice and come to your balcony for feeding. You can use stationary and movable decoys to make them look like a real crows.

5. Crow Calls

Crows communicate with teaching others with the calls. So, initially observe from the balcony the types of sounds they make to call each other and later try to use these calls to attract more crows to make them visit your balcony. Crows respond very well to your calls in the early morning and late evening.

6. Favorite Food

Crows eat everything, be it grains, fruits, nuts, dead animals, etc., so you might be confused about which one to keep in the feeder. You can try different types of food each day to figure out which ones they like or prefer. And accordingly, you can place the right food in the feeder.

7. Water Source

Birds travel to different places either in search of food or to protect themselves from the weather. Installing a water source in your balcony might attract the crows and bring them to your balcony as they need the water for drinking as well as cleaning their feathers.

8. Feeding Routine

Create a feeding routine for the crows so that they can come back again to your balcony and know when to expect you and the food. Crows are intelligent birds and can easily learn your schedule if you stick to it.

9. Feeder Location

The location of the feeder plays an important role in attracting the crows. You must install the feeder or place the food in a place where the crows can easily notice while flying in the sky. And once they notice, they keep track of it and fly to your place regularly as it might save their energy in searching the food.

10. Compost Bin

Creating a small compost bin in a balcony is one of the best ways to attract the crows, as they eat everything, be it fruits, vegetable scraps, leftover food and many more. Once the crows notice your compost bin, they will easily come to your balcony to enjoy tasty treats.

11. Keep Pets Away

Pet animals like cats and dogs scare the crows and therefore create a high alert for the crows and decrease the chances of visiting your balcony. These pets may also contaminate the food kept for the crow and might make it less attractive.

12. Shiny Objects

Crows are usually attracted to shiny objects, and therefore you can keep some shiny objects in your balcony. You can also place objects that are flashy or shines in the sunlight. Such small things can also help you to attract crows, especially the younger ones to your balcony.

13. Provide Nesting Material

Crows usually build their nest on the trees by taking a lot of effort to collect the materials for creating one. Therefore you can keep some twigs, animal hair, pine needles or soft bark in your balcony for them to create a nest in your balcony or nearby. This might increase the chances of other crows to come to your balcony for feeding.

14. Create Small Garden

Crows love to live in nature rather than living in concrete places. Therefore you can create a small garden in your balcony by planting a few small shrubs, flowers or money plants to make the crow feel safe in your balcony.

15. Keep Distance

As humans do not like crows, they have developed a habit of staying away from people. And due to their shy nature, they feel uncomfortable or threatened if any human comes near them. So you can keep a distance when the crow arrives in your balcony.


Crows are very intelligent and can easily recognize a person’s face, even in a crowd. Therefore once you start feeding them and if they are comfortable there are chances that they might come to your balcony frequently. But initially, you might have to keep some patience till the crow becomes friendly and start trusting you.

Do you know any other ways of attracting the crows? Let the other readers know in the comment section below.