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What does it mean when a bird lands on you?

What does it mean when a bird lands on you?

Birds fly but they land on trees when they need to take a rest. You can see them on a nest or a bird-feeder if they want to eat. However, there are instances when birds land on humans. So, what does it mean when a bird lands on you?

Birds landing on you have two different meanings depending on your perspective. If you believe in science, it means that birds find you as a good landing place. If you believe in superstition, it either means good or bad omen.

In this topic, I’ll discuss both the real-life situation and superstition basis about the birds landing on you. For every question, you’ll get two answers that fall on the two bases mentioned. But I’ll be focusing more on the real-life situation and talk about superstition less.

What does it mean if a random bird suddenly lands on your head?

A random bird suddenly lands on your head means that it wants a place to take a rest because it’s tired of flying. Fortunately for the bird, your head is the closest spot that it can find. On the other hand, in the superstitious world, it means that it’s a sign of good luck. 

In a real-life situation, birds get tired of flying and they need a quick wing break. They go to the spot where they believe it’s the right place for them to take a rest. If a bird lands on your head, it means that in its judgment, your head is a perfect spot.

The style of your hair contributes to the birds’ decision-making about whether to land on your head or not. Some birds use fur to line their nests, which has a resemblance with hair. If your hair resembles a furry appeal, there’s a chance that you can attract a bird. The birds may perceive that your hair is a warm nesting and there’s nothing to worry about it.

On the other hand, if you’re wearing a hat, birds most likely won’t land on your head. They prefer messy hair and some birds are afraid of a hat. If you’re not fond of birds landing on your head, wearing a hat is the solution.

However, if the bird comes to you with fluttery wings and you can hear it squawking, it’s time to leave. It means that you trespassed the bird’s territory and it’s the bird’s way of shooing you away. When you notice the aggressiveness of the birds, plan your exit as the birds won’t think twice as they attack you with their claws.

When we talk about superstition, birds landing on your head mean good luck. It indicates that something good will happen to your life. On the other hand, in Indian folklore, it means that the birds judge you as a kindred free spirit.

What does it mean if a random bird suddenly lands on your shoulder?

When a random bird suddenly lands on your shoulder, it means that the bird needs a place to perch because it’s injured. The bird accidentally found your shoulder as the best place to rest. There are some instances also when the bird wants you to protect it from danger. 

One of the instances, when a bird needs protection, is when it’s being chased by another bird. A bird may land on your shoulder to get the protection it needs. You can notice that even you’re walking, the bird stays on your shoulder especially when the attacker is around. If you showed your kindness and care to the bird, the bird stays loyal to you until the attacker stops visiting your yard.

Another reason why a bird suddenly lands on your shoulder because the bird is trained to perch on your shoulder. You can observe this on birds such as parrots, falcons, and hawks. Falcon is even trained with his eyes tied to do so. If you find these types of birds around, expect them to land on your shoulder.

But when we talk about superstition, a bird landing on your shoulder means it’s bad luck. It means that a great threat waits on the horizon. 

What does it mean if a random bird suddenly lands on your legs?

When a bird suddenly lands on your leg and you are holding food, it means that the bird wants your meal. You place your food on your legs so the bird can eat it without distraction. It’s a way for you to feed the bird without touching it. 

When the bird still eats, avoid moving or touching it so it stays calm while eating. Don’t give an impression that you’re not accomodating the bird. Give the bird an impression that your leg is just a bar, a rod, or a typical branch where they’re safe to land. Even if a newly fledged bird may not be familiar with the source of food, when it senses that the source of food is safe, you can find its calmness when it lands on your legs. 

If you see that the bird comes to you often, you can prepare food for the bird so it won’t eat something harmful to the bird’s health.

On the other hand, there’s no interpretation related to dreams and superstition about birds landing on your leg. However, there’s a superstition about birds landing on your feet. Based on superstition, when you dream of a bird landing on your feet, it means it’s a bad omen. You’re facing danger in the coming days. 


There are different reasons why birds land on your body. It can be science-related or superstition-related. But when you encounter the birds in real life, you must be able to give a good judgment on how you’ll deal with them. It’s not always good luck when the bird lands on your head while you hear it squawking. It’s common sense that you need to leave the area before you get hurt. On the other hand, if you depend on birds for your luck may not be a good idea as well. Staying positive will always give you good luck and birds may not be necessary.