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Birds chirping outside your window [Know Everything]

Birds chirping outside your window [Know Everything]

Birds chirping is the common sound that we all hear outside our window, in the garden, or on the roadside. But did you ever wonder why these small avian creatures make such sounds? Or how to get rid of these sounds? If you have such questions in your mind, then continue reading this article to know more about it in detail.

What causes birds to start chirping?

We all know that the birds chirp during the day and also at night. So, you might have a question at least once in your mind about what makes these birds chirp so much. So, to help you find the answer of this question, here are some of the reasons that might cause the birds to chirp.

1. Male birds sing to attract their mate

Birds usually start chirping in the morning to attract their potential mates. These chirping calls are different than the other calls. Each bird has their own chirping sound, which is used as an indication of how healthy that particular chirping bird is.

These songs help the female birds to decide if that male bird is perfect to choose as a mate or not. And, if the female bird likes the chirping sound, then she will follow the sound and mate with that male bird.

2. Juvenile birds chirp to get their mother’s attention

The small baby birds are just like human babies. They don’t know how to tell what they want or do the tasks themselves. Therefore when they are hungry, they start making loud chirping sounds to get their mother’s attention.

Also, the moms of these juvenile birds communicate with them through the chirping sound when they are out of their nest. They also make a chirping sound to inform their young ones about the direction if they are on a flight or get lost.

3. When birds notice any danger nearby

Birds are very vocal if they notice any predators near their territory. The chirping sounds or the warning calls they make during such a situation are very loud. They make such sounds to inform the other birds of such danger so they can protect their nest and baby birds.

So, if you hear the loud chirping sounds of the birds, which are pretty louder than usual days then there is some unseen danger near them that only they are aware of.

4. To warn predators or intruders about their presence

You may notice that the birds are very territorial, especially when they have small birds or eggs in their nests. They make loud chirping sounds which are the warning calls that are made to inform the other birds that they are nearby to protect their nest and their young ones.

The birds make such loud chirping sounds continuously throughout the day to keep the predators away. These sounds are very bold and are often frightening for other birds.

5. To be in touch with the other birds

You might have seen various birds flying in flocks. Therefore, birds make these chirping sounds to ensure that every bird in the flock is safe and on track with others. These sounds help the other birds to understand which direction they are going or planning to go.

Also, during such flights, birds sometimes get lost or separated from other birds due to their slow flying speed. So to help them know the direction, other birds make chirping sounds to bring their fellow bird again with them in the flight.

6. They chirp early morning to show their fitness

According to birds getting up early and chirping makes the other birds know about their fitness and how full of energy that bird is. It also means that the bird was strong enough to survive the frigid temperature and was also able to protect itself from predators.

Female birds listen carefully to the morning chirping sound to determine which male bird is the fit and who would offer the best genes for offspring survival.

7. When searching for food

When the birds migrate to the new region, after claiming the territory they go out in search of food. And during the food search, if they find a good food source, then they start chirping and informing their fellow mates about it so that even they can get some food there.

Sometimes if there is limited food and the birds are more, some birds might also make large chirping sounds to fight with other birds and chase them away.

8. Birds chirp due to disorientation

Birds are usually more active during the day and rest at night. But sometimes you may hear the birds chirping even at night time, and this is due to the street lights. Birds can’t distinguish between artificial and natural light, and therefore they assume the street light to be the morning sunray and keep chirping or singing at night as well.

Also, the noises and movements can sometimes disorient the birds too and wake them early to start chirping.

9. They chirp to practice their songs

One of the reasons for the bird to chirp continuously is that they might be practicing to make their calls perfect. Making clear and loud chirping sounds is one of the important social skills that every bird must have.

The baby birds practice mimicking their parents’ chirping sounds so they can communicate with them easily and inform them about their needs and dangers.

10. To claim their territory

When the birds travel to different destinations during the breeding season, they first try to search for a territory where they can easily get food, water, and a place to build their shelter.

And once they find such a place, they start making chirping sounds to inform other birds that the particular territory belongs to them and, therefore to stay away from it. And if they find another bird trying to acquire it, the bird starts chirping loudly to chase that bird away.

11. Birds chirp to know their community

Sometimes the flock of birds gather together and start chirping to figure out their population in that region. This helps them to understand the competition that will be there to acquire the food and water.

What does it means when a lot of birds are chirping?

Hearing the chirping sounds of various birds can be an amazing experience, but have you ever wondered why these birds are chirping together? Well, let me tell you, birds usually make such sounds to make other birds aware of bad weather like a storm.

Birds have a stronger sense of determining the weather changes than normal humans. Therefore you might find their behavior a bit weird even if the weather is fine outside.

They can also sense if the weather temperature is going to drop. Therefore they start chirping and informing other birds, so that they can collect the food early for their survival and also search for a warm and cozy shelter to protect themselves in the cold weather.

Do birds ever stop chirping?

There comes a time when we stop making too much effort and focus on improving what we have achieved or what we have with us. Similarly, at some point in the year even the birds stop chirping. Now you might have the question, at what time and why?

So, the birds usually stop chirping or singing when they have established their territory and found their mate. You can completely stop hearing their chirping sound at the end of July, as by this time, most of the birds feel no need to defend their territory or search for a new mate.

In fact, you can observe them feeding their baby birds or teaching their young ones how to fly safely or find the food source before they migrate to other destinations in the winter.

Reasons Why Backyard Birds Are Chirping Outside Your Window?

Most of the time, we all have seen birds chirping outside our window, but don’t you think there might be some reason that brings them near your window again and again? Well, there are a few reasons why the birds arrive near your window as mentioned below.

They have built their nests

If the birds have already built their shelter near your window or building a new one, then there are chances that they might arrive frequently. This happens mostly when the birds search for a good and secure place for their shelter after migration.

Good source of food

Birds like to have healthy food that is tasty and also nutritious. So, if the birds have spotted a good source of food near your house or else if you have installed a bird feeder near your window, then it can attract the birds to your space.

Birdbath nearby

Birds usually like to drink water & clean their beaks after having food from the feeder and also to wash their wings after a long tiring migration journey. Therefore if you have a freshwater source nearby or if you have installed a water bath near your window, then this is also one of the attractions for the birds.

Large space outside your house

In the morning, when there is silence everywhere, some birds like to come together and communicate with each other. And if there is a large space outside your window, then there are chances that the nearby birds will gather there, and you might hear their chirping sound.

Getting cool shade in the summer

When the weather is hot outside, the birds search for shady places to rest for a while if they are flying to different places. Therefore, if your window or a balcony has a shady area where the sun rays can’t reach, then you can notice birds relaxing there for some time.

They like communicating with your pet birds

Birds are actually very social. They like to gather around and communicate with each other. And if they have become friends with your pet birds, then you can observe them frequently coming near your window and chirping with your birds.

They are asking for help

Sometimes you might notice that randomly from somewhere a bird comes and start chirping outside a window. This can be a sign that it needs your help. It might chirp because it is hungry and is hoping that you would offer something to eat.

Different Ways To Stop Birds From Chirping Outside Your Window

Hearing the birds chirping can be a pleasant experience sometimes, but for some people, this can be disturbing. So if you want to get rid of these birds and their chirping sounds, here are some effective tips you can implement.

The Scarecrow Approach

This is one of the old but effective methods to prevent birds from coming to your window. So basically, for this you have to install a silhouette of a predator near your window so that it scares the birds and keeps them away.

Install bird spikes

Installing bird spikes on the window sill will prevent the birds from coming near your window. You can also install these bird spikes on the window roof to prevent them from perching there and building their nests.

Apply bird repellent liquid

To keep the birds away from your window, you can apply the bird-repellent liquid or a paste that is non-toxic for the birds. It is a sticky paste that can stick to the bird’s leg if they land on it. This is one of the easy methods to keep the birds away from coming to the window.

Make use of nylon nets

Putting nylon nets in the areas where the birds are likely to perch or build their nests can help to keep the birds away. These nylon nets have small holes that can tangle the birds’ tiny legs and prevent them from flying. Birds are very intelligent and are aware of such traps; therefore, they would stop coming near your window.

Use bird tape to create boundaries

Bird tapes are usually of bright colors. You need to apply these tapes with proper spacing across the window. This acts as a collision-proof feature for the birds and prevents them from coming near your window. Actually, seeing multiple tape lines, the birds will assume it as a barrier and find some other place to chirp.

Install mosquito screens

Mosquito screens add an additional layer of security to the window. These screens are available in various sizes and styles. They prevent the birds as well as the other bugs or insects from entering your house. Kindly choose the screens made of black mesh so that they can be visible to the birds far away and make them feel like a barrier.

Hang bird repellent disks

These bird-repellent disks are made of acrylic or any other material that is reflective in nature. These discs reflect the sunrays and scare the birds, ultimately preventing them from coming near your window or house. They are easy to install, as you only need to hang them in areas where the birds mostly come.

Chase them away on their first visit

When you notice a bird sitting on your window or near it for the first time, you should immediately fly it away. Because if you let it sit on your window or nearby, then there are chances that it will arrive again and make it a habit. This will become a bit difficult for you to prevent them from coming to your window later. Hence, chase them away on their initial visit itself.

Play sound system near the window

Birds like to build their nests or perch in areas where there is silence or less human activity. Therefore to prevent the birds from coming to your window, you can place a speaker near your window and play loud songs daily. This will create disturbance for the bird, and then it will be forced to search for a new place to perch or build the nest. But ensure that you are not breaking your community guidelines with the loud music.

Remove bird feeders

Bird feeder is the major reason for the bird coming near your window. Therefore if you want to stop the bird’s arrival, then remove the feeder from the window and place it far somewhere else. This will stop the birds from arriving near your window as there won’t be any food available for them.

Call bird control

Last but not least, if any of the above ways don’t work for you, then you can call bird control. They will give you some helpful suggestions and help you to get rid of the birds and prevent them from coming again.

Unreal conclusions that we make on backyard bird chirping

As humans, we like drama and we are tempted to think in certain ways about the chirping of the backyard birds outside the window. And some of these could be even real, but most of the time we do not know or just imaginations or hallucinations. But thinking of these as the reasons is so sweet and funny to discuss sometimes.

  1. We are tempted to think the birds are loving us suddenly, and they are gathering around us. But how they visualize us takes some training and time to know really. But, we tend to feel emotionally pleasant when such a thought occurs.
  2. It is so sweet to think, so many birds chirping outside the window is a good omen. They are going to get something good soon. They are messengers of good news for us.
  3. We might be hallucinating that the birds are really trying to tell you something. May be some unseen disaster or some bad call and they are communicating to us.
  4. Maybe they are asking for some help, maybe in terms of food and shelter. It might be true sometimes, but you need to be careful while assuming such things.
  5. If too many birds are chirping, some people even conclude it as a bad omen. They think that something bad is going to happen. Never worry, these are just imaginations of the human mind.

Is it normal for birds to chirp at night?

If the birds are chirping at night, it means they are nocturnal birds. If they are not nocturnal, it means they are confused particularly due to city atmosphere, pollution and lights around. Also, it means they are signaling some form of threat or danger. It is not normal for them to chirp at night.

Nocturnal birds such as owl, American Robin, Mockingbird, Eastern whip-poor-will are nocturnal birds. These are active during the nights. These birds might not exactly chirp, but they may make long noises or sing melodies. But, with many sounds together it may look like chirping in groups. 

Why are there birds chirping at 2am?

There are birds chirping at 2am as they wake up from sleep due to a signal of threat or danger, or due to some disturbance. The chirping at 2 am is also an alarm call for the birds. This is one time nocturnal birds communicate on any dangers, or to call their mates.

This is also called Dawn Chorus. When birds sing at the start of a new day particularly in spring. If their breeding territory is falling near your backyard or window, then they are either trying to defend this territory or else calling other birds for mating. 

Do you know, there is an annual Dawn Chorus Day held on the first Sunday of May month every year, where people are expected to wake up early and listen to bird chirping. If the chirping is already planned by the birds outside your window, then why worry, just enjoy the party!!!

Frequently Asked Questions On Birds Sounds

How do the birds make chirping sounds?

Birds have a special Syrinx organ that helps them make vocal sounds. This Syrinx is located on the top of the bird’s windpipe. The air that passes through the windpipe vibrates the membranes and produces a chirping sound.

Why do the birds chirp?

Birds are observed chirping when they are happy, in danger, when they warn the other birds, and also when they want to communicate with the other fellow birds. The chirping sound of the bird varies as per the situation.

What sounds do the birds love?

The birds are attracted mostly to the relaxing sounds. Different sounds of water that can attract the birds are splashing water, bubbling, dripping or gurgling water. If you have a fresh running water source nearby, you can find there various birds rather than near the stagnant water bath.

What sounds do the birds don’t like?

The birds don’t like audio recordings, bird-repellent sounds, noise from the transport, or crow distress calls. The birds won’t come to the areas where they hear these sounds frequently.


Hearing backyard birds chirping can be a pleasant experience for some people, and it might be quite annoying for others. I hope this article has helped you understand everything about the birds chirping outside the window and how you can stop them if they are creating a disturbance outside your window.

If you know any other reasons why these small birds come near your window are how you can stop them, then do share with the other readers in the comment section below.