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Do Hummingbirds Like Snapdragons? 11 Things to Know

Do Hummingbirds Like Snapdragons? 11 Things to Know

Hummingbirds love flowers. Many people plant various flowers in their garden to attract hummers. Can you plant snapdragons and get hummingbirds on your premises? Let’s find out if these creatures like snapdragons!

Hummingbirds like snapdragons as they are a rich source of nectar which is their favorite food. The long slender beaks of hummingbird are naturally suited for sipping the nectar from deep within these flowers and not many other birds would be competing with them.

What are snapdragons?

Snapdragons are peach and red-colored perennial blooms. However, some varieties can be annual. They are short-lived species with liplike flowers. Snapdragons are slow-starters that grow the best in winters and cold temperatures. Some gardeners are lucky and become successful in germinating snapdragon seeds directly in the garden. The best time for this is after the last hard frost in spring, as snapdragons can tolerate light frost. 

Birds and insects can reach their nectar easily. The shape of this variety’s colorful florets makes it especially easy for hungry hummingbirds to reach the nectar. So, snapdragons can help you bring these tiny birds to your garden quickly.  

Do hummingbirds like snapdragons? 

Snapdragons are beautiful flowers that can attract birds. But, do hummingbirds love them? Can you get them to your premise with snapdragons? Below are your answers! Let’s know eleven facts about snapdragons and hummingbirds. 

1. Benefits of snapdragons for hummingbirds

Snapdragons are the best plants for hummingbirds. It has many properties that hummers love and keep visiting your garden having snapdragons. In nature, nothing happens without benefits. Snapdragons have some advantages for hummers making them the bird’s favorite. Let’s look at these benefits at a glance!

Snapdragons are difficult to open for other insects and birds. However, hummers can reach their nectar easily. Snapdragons have rich nectar. It has a high sugar content necessary for hummers to survive. Besides, snapdragons bloom when hummers need more energy. So, it’s an ideal plant for hummingbirds to survive. They meet all requirements for a hummingbird’s diet.

2. Need for planting snapdragons

Do you want to attract hummingbirds into your garden? It’s best to get snapdragon plants on your property. It has everything you need to attract hummers to your premises – bright blooms, sweet fragrance, and energy-rich nectar. So, you can get them in your home with snapdragons.

You don’t have to make too many adjustments to plant snapdragon flowers. It’s a self-sustaining flower without high requirements. So, it’s the perfect plant for your garden, hummingbirds, and bees. These will keep your garden lively and chirpy throughout the year.

3. Why do hummingbirds love snapdragons? 

Among other plants, hummingbirds love snapdragons. They are perennial and annual varieties with bright blooms. Snapdragons are difficult to open for large birds and insects. So, they have unconsumed nectar for hummingbirds. Another aspect of snapdragon nectar is that it’s nutrient-rich. Hummingbirds love their nectar due to the extensive nectar available.

Do you know? Hummingbirds need more energy to survive in the cold weather. The nutrient-rich snapdragon nectar is perfect for hummers to bear the chilling winters. Besides, snapdragons bloom in winters. So, hummingbirds love the flowers.

4. Snapdragon nectar is not available to all birds

Do you know? Snapdragons have a snout-like mouth. It has a specific point, pressing which will open the flowers. Large birds and insects cannot open them. However, it’s an easy thing for small creatures like bumblebees and hummers. So, snapdragons have a few pollinating agents, including the bees. This prevents their nectar from being consumed by larger birds and insects. So, small creatures can feed on its nectar during blooming seasons. 

Since hummingbirds can open them, snapdragons are perfect for them. It holds sufficient nectar for these birds. It’s another reason why hummers love bright and attractive snapdragon flowers. 

5. Snapdragon plants have a good height 

Snapdragon bushes are available in various heights – dwarf, short, medium, and tall. The dwarf and short varieties are smaller than other snapdragons. But, they are taller than other flowering plants in your garden. These plants can give you some height in your garden. So, they can be the perfect decorative plants in your garden. How does their height help you in attracting hummingbirds?

Hummingbirds are small birds. They are fast flyers. So, they prefer plants and flowers at some height. You can attract hummers in your garden by planting high snapdragons. Reaching their nectars is simple for hummingbirds, after all.

6. Bright flowers attract more hummingbirds

It’s a common notion that bright flowers attract birds. Is it a myth? No! Birds like hummers love bright flowers. These flowers generally bear a high nectar content. So, birds come into contact with such flowers. Snapdragons are a similar variety. The authentic snapdragons have peach, orange, and red flowers. However, innovative varieties have ruby red, yellow, pink, and white varieties.

Planting these varieties in your garden will make your premises look beautiful. Also, it will help you keep your garden chirpy with butterflies and hummers. When snapdragons bloom in winters, hummers need more energy. So, they will visit your garden often. 

7. Snapdragons can thrive in the cold season

Winters are the perfect seasons to bring hummingbirds to your home. Why so? It’s because hummingbirds have a fast metabolism requiring more energy than other creatures. In winters, they need additional prevention from the chilling weather. So, they consume more nectar and travel long distances to find the best flowers. 

Since snapdragons thrive in cold and bloom in winters, they are the perfect food source for hummingbirds. You can attract hummers in winters by planting snapdragons on your premises during winters. Planting these flowers will bring more hummingbirds to your home in the cold season. You will love how snapdragons will make your garden chirpy.

8. Snapdragon is nectar rich 

Hummingbirds need more nectar to sustain their raging metabolism and speedy activities. They choose flowers having a higher nectar content. One of the best flowers hummers love is snapdragons. It has rich nectar loved by hummingbirds and bumblebees. Many hummingbirds consume nectar from snapdragons only. 

Besides increased nectar production, snapdragons protect their nectar from being consumed by other birds and insects. So, hummingbirds get more nectar from snapdragons than other widely-open flowers. That’s another reason why snapdragons are a popular choice among hummingbirds. Snapdragons complete their dietary requirements like a pro. You can get these plants if you want to serve more nectar to the lovely hummingbirds.

9. Pleasant fragrance attracts hummingbirds

Hummingbirds don’t prefer strong smells. Since they are day-dwelling birds, they love sweet and pleasant fragrances. So, they are more attracted to sweet-smelling flowers like snapdragons. Snapdragons have a nice aroma that attracts hummingbirds from large distances. Apart from hummers, they bring more insects into your garden. However, every creature cannot feed on snapdragon nectar.

So, it’s a clear indication to hummingbirds to visit your garden and consume snapdragon nectar. These pleasant flowers will spread sweet fragrance into your garden and make it a positive place in your home. Also, snapdragons will make your property chirpy with numerous hummingbirds visiting every day.

10. Low maintenance plants

Do you think snapdragons are difficult to maintain? No, they aren’t! You can plant snapdragons to attract hummingbirds and leave them unattended for a prolonged period. You will still see snapdragons thriving and matching hummingbirds’ appetites. They will help you keep your garden bushy and flowery almost year long. Some annual varieties of snapdragons bloom throughout the year. So, you can get fresh flowers for your lovely hummingbirds.

The best part is you don’t need to attend to the plant’s concerns. Although snapdragons are susceptible to rust, some varieties are resistant. It’s better to get the resistant snapdragon variety for your garden and hummingbirds.

11. Sufficient sugar for hummingbirds’ energies

Hummingbirds burn immense energy when flying and maintaining their metabolism. It’s essential to supply energy to their bodies at a constant rate from time to time. That’s why hummingbirds consume higher quantities of sugar in their diet. Natural sugar helps them maintain the required energy balance in their bodies. So, hummingbirds prefer snapdragons having rich nectar. They can provide hummers with enough sugar and energy required by a healthy hummingbird.

Hummers love snapdragons and feed on their nectar for a prolonged period. You can plant snapdragons in your garden to attract hummingbirds and provide them with nutrient-rich supplements. After all, calling hummingbirds in your garden is not the agenda, giving them a proper diet for healthy living is the motive. 

4 best images of hummingbirds with snapdragons

Watching hummingbirds is a delight. Viewing them consuming snapdragon nectar is bliss. So, here are the top four best images of hummingbirds with snapdragon flowers to make your day.

Hummingbird feeding on white snapdragon flowers

What else can be better than hummingbirds feeding on gorgeous white snapdragon flowers? It’s not always that bright flowers will attract hummers. White snapdragons are hummer favorites since they are rich in sugary nectar. 

As seen in this picture, white snapdragon flowers are beautiful. Hummingbirds visiting them make the flowers more gorgeous. Do you know? Hummingbirds stay in flight when feeding on snapdragon nectar. So, you can see the little creature flapping his wings and hovering in the air to consume the sweet solution from the white snapdragon flower. 

Hummingbird on red snapdragon

Red snapdragons attract the eyes. They are perfect for hummingbirds. Red snapdragons help you attract hummers and encourage them to visit your garden frequently. 

The red snapdragon flowers are visible from a large distance. They hold too much nectar for a hummingbird to consume and live a happy life. The small bird inserts its beak into the snapdragon flower and consumes the nectar while staying in continuous flight.

Hummingbird on a snapdragon pot

Hummingbirds love snapdragon flowers. Do you want proof? Check out this video if it’s a yes!

One of the youtubers shot the video of their homegrown snapdragon flowers in a pot in their backyard. It has a hummingbird roaming over the flowers and trying to get the nectar from the flowers. 

The bird tries to open the snouted snapdragon flowers and reach the nectar with its beak. It’s a beautiful view, especially for someone who has been growing snapdragon flowers to bring hummingbirds to their homes. 

This video proves that hummingbirds love snapdragons. Many tiny birds will visit your home if you make a homegrown snapdragon garden for them. 

Hummingbirds and snapdragons are grown by the roads

Hummingbirds search for food continuously.  They stop whenever they find flowers they love like snapdragons grown by the roads. Snapdragon nectar is the favorite food for hummingbirds. This video is another proof. You can find many hummingbirds flocking at wild snapdragons during winters. 

Similarly, hummingbirds will stop by your home, garden, or backyard if you grow snapdragon flowers. These flowers provide the birds with everything they need – energy and sugar. So, you can make your property chirpy by planting snapdragon flowers and growing them for hummingbirds. 

Tips for placing snapdragons in bird feeders

You can place snapdragons in hummingbird feeders. It’s a simple technique to attract more hummers into your property. However, you should adhere to a few tips to excel at the activity. Here are some tricks to follow to place snapdragons in bird feeders efficiently.

Place the bird feeder in an aloof place. It should be away from the threat of predators and people who may frighten the hummingbirds. Once you find the perfect place to install the bird feeder, think of planting flowers around it. 

You can create a bed of snapdragon flowers near the bird feeder to attract hummingbirds. Do you know? Snapdragons have many predators like viruses and pests. You should remove wild weeds and pluck away damaged plants to contain virus infestation on time. Do you see pests around your snapdragon flowers? You can spray your plants with soap water or pest control chemicals in the evening to keep the flowers healthy. 


Snapdragons are the best plants to get more hummingbirds into your garden. They are easy to maintain and supply sufficient sugar to the birds with rapid metabolism. Do you want to get more hummingbirds in your garden? Plant snapdragons in your garden now!