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Why won’t birds come to my window bird feeder?

Why won’t birds come to my window bird feeder?

Do you have a bird feeder exactly in the window and not see birds coming to the feeder? This article is about why won’t birds come to the window feeder and what are the solutions.

The reasons for birds not coming to your window bird feeder are lack of visibility, improper placement making it inaccessible, uncomfortable temperature near the window, constant buzzing of humans, the feeder not looking protective to the birds, and lack of right food in the feeder. 

There are several reasons why birds don’t come to your bird feeders such as the food, colors. In addition to that, if it is a window feeder there are more factors coming into play than just the usual as this feeder is placed near a window. In case of mourning doves, there are specific details on placement of not just window bird feeders, but bird feeders in general. Below is a list of reasons for birds not coming to your window bird feeder. Also, provided are solutions for each problem.

1. The window bird feeder being invisible causes birds not to reach the feeder

You might place the window feeder near your window so that you can watch them coming, your family and friends being able to enjoy the view. But if your window is situated in such a position that it is obstructed for view from large distances, birds that are flying even nearby would not be able to know the presence of the feeder. Unless birds visit there on attraction of some other factor, the feeder is highly invisible.

Solution: If your window is obstructed by other buildings or creatures, do not place the feeder there. You can use a long pole and extend the feeder into a more visible place. Also try to keep the feeder in an open balcony or windows where birds can easily see from a distance. Or use a two-fold attraction technique, first attract birds by keeping food or shelter at another near-by place visible near to the window and then place the feeder in your window.

2. The window bird feeding being inaccessible

Another reason for window bird feeders to fail is birds are able to see it but they cannot reach the bird feeders. From the window, it may look all nice, but the feeder might be obstructed by any wires, poles, and other obstructions. 

Solution: Check the reachability from the bird’s point of view. The window bird feeder may look fine when you check from the window, but you need to check from the point of the bird reaching there and remove all obstructions. Or else, place the feeder at the window where obstructions are not present.

3. Window bird feeder not located with flowers, shrubs, trees that birds prefer

Many birds prefer certain flowers, shrubs, and trees as a shelter as well as a protective cocoon. They prefer to eat food in such environments. As your window is not located in such a comfortable environment, birds may not prefer to come to your window bird feeder.

Solution: Place the feeder at a window surrounded by greenery, vegetation that is preferred by birds that you want to attract. If not, at least grow small plants, flowers near the window for the birds to get attracted.

4. Uncomfortable temperature at the window and the food

Some birds like it hot and some cold as far as the weather is concerned. Most of the birds can automatically adjust to the weather. However, if the temperature is too hot or too cold near the window to a level that is uncomfortable for the birds that you want to attract, then birds may not come to your feeder. Also, the food temperature should be 102°-106°F (39°-41°C) particularly for pet birds. The food that is either too hot or too cold due to the position of the window, can cause birds to turn away from the feeder.

Solution: You can place plants, some greenery, shelter near the window bird feeder. Also you can use air conditioners or regulators for controlling the temperature near the window bird feeder.

5. Window bird feeder not looking protective to the bird

Not just a window feeder, any feeder that is positioned in a way where it does not look protective can cause the birds not to come to the feeder. Particularly, in case of window bird feeders, if it is accessible to squirrels and other predators, birds feel endangered coming to such feeders.

Birds also feel plants, shrubs, and a little hidden place as more protective compared to very open places. 

Solution: Keep your window feeder at positions inaccessible to squirrels, other pet dogs and cats. Use the standard available anti-squirrel design and techniques for the feeder. Keep it in a little closed place where some plants are present. Being a window bird feeder, sometimes it may not be possible to grow greenery, plants, etc. but try to the extent possible. Do not make it so closed that even view of the feeder is obstructed from outside.

6. Lot of activity near the windowpane can cause bird feeder to be a failure

The reason you went for a window bird feeder might be that you and your family want to see the birds chirping and coming to your home. Also, some of the pet animals at your house like to watch the birds coming. But, if there is too much activity of humans near the bird feeder, and constant buzzing, it could keep the birds away. They may come initially but later may stop coming if they get disturbed by the activity.

Solution: Start spending time near to birds and slowly learn their likes and dislikes. Take some time for the birds to trust you and your place. And then, accordingly act.

7. Lack of right food in window bird feeder

This is not just for window bird feeders, but for any feeder. If the seeds placed in the feeder are not of preferred taste and choice for the birds, they may stop visiting the feeder. 

Solution: Choose the preferred seeds for the bird. Also, provide facilities for drinking water and bird baths for the bird to feel comfortable.