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How to hang a hummingbird feeder on deck?

How to hang a hummingbird feeder on deck?

Known to be the smallest migrating bird, hummingbirds are surely a wonder of nature. Feeding these birds is a great experience. This article gives a clear insight about how to place the hummingbird feeders on deck to attract more hummers and offer a great view to bird lovers.

Hummingbirds are precious gems and a great sight for ornithophiles. To attract them, feeders should often be placed in decks, although planning the right position makes it safer and even easier to watch these small beautiful birds in action.

Things to consider while placing a hummingbird feeder

Professional birders are aware that changing the location of a feeder may have consequences. Among the common scenarios, the faulty location of the feeder may leak and attract insects, etc. Besides, a poorly positioned feeder may also be targeted by predators and may even be discomfort for birdwatchers as well. Due to this, sometimes you notice that the hummingbird feeder is empty overnight.

Before placing a hummingbird feeder, it is crucial to understand that every backyard is different. Besides, the different yards offer various factors that may change where you decide to place the feeder.

Here are some of the common factors to consider before choosing the perfect location to place your feeder:

1. Perceptible

Although hummingbirds are known for their sharp eyesight, a feeder can easily be overlooked. Be it a dense bush or beneath a roof, these locations are easily invisible to hummingbirds. Birders should find locations that are easily recognizable and reflect bright colors which can easily grasp a bird’s attention.

2. Comfortable

Feeders should be cleaned and refilled regularly. This is why placing a hummingbird feeder at a close reach is a great option for birders. In addition, decks, patios, etc. are some of the best places that you could fit your feeders for a convenient experience for the birds and yourself.

3. Secure

Safety is a great factor that attracts birds, especially hummingbirds. They have a great sense of safety and hence secure feeders are often preferable by these birds. Birders should always hang their feeders high enough to stay steer clear of cats or other predators that may try to jump at the feeding birds. Besides, check your feeders often for any faults, since it may cause harm to the birds.

4. Privacy

Hummingbirds have unique personalities. They can be aggressive and territorial at times. They tend to abandon places where other birds feed. Hence, placing hummingbird feeders away from other feeders will invite more hummingbirds. In addition, position other feeders throughout your yard for aggressive hummers to find privacy and defend their space in presence of other larger birds.

5. Location

The position of a hummingbird feeder is crucial, especially for birdwatchers since a close-range feeder will offer a great view and an exceptional opportunity for photographers. Place your hummingbird feeders on the deck, or near windows that offer a good view and prevent hummers from hiding behind foliages, etc.

6. Shade

When exposed to sunlight, your hummingbird nectar can easily be spoiled during the summers. As a result, hummers will usually abandon the feeding site. This is why you can place your feeder under a shade preferably on the deck or a tree to keep the feeder cool.

5 ways to hang your hummingbird feeder on deck

Considering the factors, here are some amazing ideas to place your feeders in your backyard.

1. Hang the hummingbird feeder on deck between nectar-filled flowers

If you have a garden dedicated to attracting hummingbirds, positioning your feeder between nectar-filled flowers, insects, etc is a great option for your backyard.

2. Place the feeder on a deck over gutter

Placing your hummingbird feeder on a deck, over a gutter, etc is an exceptional example of decoration. Besides, it also helps the birds to cool down during the hot summers as these locations offer shades.

3. Hang on a deck near protective enclosure

Owing to its nature, you can also choose to place your hummingbird feeder near a  protective enclosure to make sure our small fluttering guests feel safe and comfortable.

4. Hang using a double deck hook

You can use Panacea Forged Adjustable Double Deck Hook to hang the feeder over the deck. If the double deck hook pole is colored black, it makes the entire deck look beautiful as well as favorable and pleasant for the hummingbirds.

5. Hang your hummingbird feeder from the deck railing

Check out the video to see how you can hang from the deck railing. And happily relax back and watch the hummingbirds have their feed.

Apart from decks, decorating your office or kitchen space with hummingbird feeders is a great idea. However, make sure to use decals and other safety measures to prevent these birds from hitting the window and causing damage to your property as well as themselves. 

Should we remove a hummingbird feeder?

Keeping a feeder active during winter will keep hummingbirds from migrating. As a bird feeder, you are no stranger to this notion. However, clean and refilled feeders might be a great way to help these birds along their journeys.

Although considering certain circumstances, you can choose to remove your feeders as well:


Depending upon the geography, one can decide to keep the feeders up for the little humming friends. People in the north often remove their feeders during the fall season. On the contrary, birders in Canada and Alaska can remove their feeders in the late summer without affecting the hummingbirds. However, in places where hummingbirds are observed throughout the year, birders can leave their feeders throughout the year.


Climate plays a great role in the migratory nature of the birds. Similarly, it also affects the food supply of these birds as well. In locations where summer flowers die quickly or harsh autumn storms affect natural food sources, birders can choose to leave their feeders up to ensure a supply of nectar for these humming friends.


Understanding the migratory behavior of hummingbirds can help birders to remove their feeders. Male hummers tend to migrate before females while the young birds tend to be the last to migrate towards the south.


Environmental factors also tend to contribute to removing a hummingbird feeder. Storms or thunderstorms can damage your feeders and make them fall on the ground. To avoid this, you can choose to remove your feeder from the deck and place it on a bench or any other secure area. This will also help hungry hummers to still find food and shelter during the harsh conditions of the surroundings.

Hummingbirds are wonderful. They are the only birds that can fly backward. Given their peculiar characteristics, understanding their behavior and other facts is very important for birders to provide these birds with every essential amenity efficiently.