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Where To Hang Woodpecker Suet Feeder?

Where To Hang Woodpecker Suet Feeder?

Feeders are one of the best ways of attracting various birds. But, only having the feeder is not enough; you need to hang it in the proper location to get more birds in your yard. So, in this article, let us know where to hang the feeder.

Where To Hang Woodpecker Suet Feeder?

Placing the feeder properly is very important for attracting tiny birds. Proper feeder placement will not only allow you to attract them and feed them nutritious food daily, but you can also enjoy watching them. Of course, various factors must be considered while hanging the feeder, so now, let’s discuss those factors in detail.

Natural Feeding area is best place to hang the feeder

You should always hang a feeder where the bird usually prefers feeding. This will give them a natural feeding experience, and they can enjoy the treat. So, to attract the woodpecker, you can hang the woodpecker suet feeder near the thick branch or the tree trunk, as it loves pecking the wood. But hanging it here can also be an invitation for the squirrels.

Silent Area

Woodpeckers are scared of loud noises, like the horn, wind chimes, noisy areas, etc. Therefore while hanging the feeder, ensure that you are placing it in the area where there is silence. Woodpeckers love to feed in silent areas where there is no disturbance in the surrounding area.

Safe Place

Birds are attracted to the feeders where they think they will be safe. So, ensure that you place the feeder at a good distance to protect the birds from the pets like cats or dogs. Also, ensure that the feeders are protected from flying predators like eagles, vultures, etc. So, when the woodpecker is feeding, it should get a chance to hide when it sees the predator around.


If you are placing the suet feeder in the balcony, then ensure that it is not placed too close to the window. Keep a distance of at least 3 feet from the window to prevent the collision. As if the bird comes in speed to the feeder, then it might collide and hurt itself. Small birds like woodpeckers, hummingbirds, sparrows, etc., are more likely to hurt due to collision.


The visibility of the feeder is very important while attracting the birds. Therefore, if the woodpecker cannot see where you have placed the feeder, it might not arrive at your feeder. But to make it visible, don’t just place it in the area where there is direct sunlight, as it can disturb the bird while feeding.


Woodpeckers usually prefer eating from trees at the height of 6-10 feet. Hence, placing the feeders at such a height can be an added advantage for attracting them. In addition, hanging the feeders so high can make it easy for them to find the feeder with their favorite food when they are searching for food.

Accessibility is an important factor in hanging woodpecker suet feeder

This is also one of the main things to consider while hanging the feeder. You should always ensure that even if you hang the feeder high, you should know how to access it. You should be able to clean it, or add fresh food whenever required.

Water source

Woodpeckers love to have a bath in fresh & clean water. After feeding, they even prefer to drink water and wash their beak to remove the suet stuck to it. Therefore, you can hang the feeder where there is a freshwater bath for them, like the fountain in the garden. You can even keep a bowl of fresh water for them to drink.

How do you hang a woodpecker suet feeder?

There are various ways to choose from to hang the feeder. So, to help you out, here are some ways that you can consider as per your convenience.

Bird Feeder on Tree branch

You can find a sturdy tree branch to hang your feeder so that it can balance the feeder’s weight even if the bird jumps on it or if there is a strong wind. To hang it, you can take an S shape hook with a deep curve, as it is more secure in any situation than the other hooks.

Bird Feeder on a Pole

If you don’t have tall trees around your house, the feeder pole is one of the best alternatives. Multiple hooks are attached to the pole at different heights, so you can hang multiple feeders to attract the birds with their feeding height preferences. This pole can be installed anywhere in the garden.  

Bird Feeder On Window

In case if you don’t have trees or a garden in front of your house, still you can feed the woodpeckers with the help of the window feeders. It is a glass container having a suction cup to stick to the window. With this type of feeder, you can enjoy watching the feeding woodpeckers.

Precautions to be taken while hanging the woodpecker suet feeder

While performing any task, we always take care. Similarly, even while hanging the feeder you need to take certain precautions. Here are some precautions you must take while hanging the woodpecker feeder.

  • If you are attracting woodpeckers to your feeder, then minimize the application of pesticides on the plants in the yard or in the balcony.
  • Place the feeders in a secure area to avoid the threat of predators.
  • Place the feeders at a height where you can reach to clean the feeder and fill it with the new suet.
  • If you are placing a glass window feeder, then ensure that the suction cup is of good quality. Otherwise, if the feeder falls, it might sometimes harm the bird if it has lost its balance.


Woodpecker is always seen in the areas where there are dense trees around. But, you can invite them to your yard or balcony with the help of the feeders. I hope this article has given you a clear idea of where you can hang the woodpecker suet feeders.