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Can You Put Two Hummingbird Feeders Side-by-Side?

Can You Put Two Hummingbird Feeders Side-by-Side?

The orientation of hummingbird feeders can be a significant aspect in calling birds to your home. You should be careful when installing multiple feeders on your property. So, can you put two hummingbird feeders next to each other? We will help you find the best solution right below.

You can put two hummingbird feeders side-by-side provided they are 10 feet apart or that much space where birds at each feeder do not collide. This allows hummingbirds more options in presence of bully hummingbirds at one feeder, also more food and space at feeders.

Should you group or separate hummingbird feeders?

Have you watched multiple hummingbird feeders hanging in a garden? They look pretty and attract several hummers. Isn’t it? So, let’s begin with whether you should buy more than one bird feeder.

YES, multiple feeders can help you attract more hummers into your property. It can keep your garden chirpy and help the hummers in the following ways:

  • Hummingbird bullies are a significant problem. They show their authority on a specific feeder and chase other hummers away. So, many little hummingbirds will starve. It’s best to hang multiple feeders and provide nourishment to all creatures.
  • Hummingbirds feed on flower gardens naturally. They hover around flower beds and consume nectar from different flowers. You can replicate the same feeling by hanging multiple feeders on your property. The hummers can jump around and enjoy nectar from all various feeders across your home.
  • Hummingbirds have a large appetite and enthusiasm to drink nectar. You can provide them with more food by hanging multiple feeders on your property.

So, you have realized that multiple hummingbird feeders will be helpful for your little creatures. Should you group or separate hummingbird feeders? That’s the next question!

It’s better to keep away from two hummingbird feeders. Many people place the feeders too close and face severe consequences later on due to the above reasons. So, it’s always preferred to avoid grouping the feeders. Do you want to know why separating hummingbird feeders is the best thing? Here’s a deep dive!

Can you put two hummingbird feeders next to each other?

You cannot place two hummingbird feeders next to each other. It will have negative consequences you generally avoid. Here are the reasons why placing hummingbird feeders far apart is beneficial for the birds. Have a look down below!

No bully hummingbirds!

As already discussed, bully hummingbirds show authority on a specific feeder or multiple feeders They tend to chase away other birds and create chaos. So, they might leave other hummers to starve or leave your property to find more food sources outside their territory. However, you want more hummingbirds on your property to make your garden chirpy. 

That’s when separating the feeders will help you! You can limit the bullies and help other hummers feed on your sugar syrup from other feeders. So, you can maintain harmony in your home, by allowing all hummers to enjoy the energy-rich food you provide.

Stop fungal infestations

Do you know? Fungal infestation can kill your hummingbirds. The fungus can grow in hummingbird food like residual sugar in their feeders. They can grow their colonies and reach closely placed feeders and kill more hummers. It’s better to separate the feeders to contain such infestations. 

Although the infected feeders hold the potential to harm the birds, they won’t affect the mass population. That’s another reason why hummingbird feeders should not be kept in close contact with each other.

Provide them with more food

Hummingbirds need more food to survive. They tend to constantly eat to meet their high energy requirements. The hummers have a high appetite and they drink nectar with great enthusiasm. You can provide them with more food by installing multiple feeders in your home. The separated feeders will ensure everyone gets an equal share of nectar and complete their dietary requirements. 

Also, the hummingbird feeders might become empty without your notice. In such cases, it’s better to install multiple feeders in your garden. If one feeder becomes empty, the others will provide the hummers with sufficient food throughout the day.

Embrace their natural eating habit

Have you seen hummingbirds drinking nectar from wildflowers? They hover on multiple flowers and consume nectar from the entire bed. You can help them practice such a habit by installing multiple feeders in your compound. It will allow the birds to jump on different feeders, suck nectar, and practice their natural eating habits. 

What should be the distance between two hummingbird feeders?

So, it’s final that hummingbird feeders should be placed separately. It has several benefits and helps you produce happy, chirpy, and healthy hummingbirds. Now you might be thinking about what should be the safest distance between two hummingbird feeders.

Firstly, let’s understand the factors on which the distance between two hummingbird feeders should rely.

  • If a bully hummingbird dominates a feeder. The other hummers should easily be able to spot and fly off to another feeder.
  • The other hummingbird feeder should not collide with the bully’s territory. It should be far away from them to allow other birds to feed peacefully.
  • It’s better to help the birds embrace their natural feeding habit. As hummers hover on multiple flowers in a garden and drink nectar, they will appreciate and have fun drinking from feeders separated away.
  • You can give surplus food to the hummingbirds by installing multiple feeders. If syrup in one feeder gets over, your birds will have other feeders to satisfy their appetite.

Now that you know what impacts the distance between two feeders, it’s better to know the separation distance between two feeders. So, what should be the distance between two hummingbird feeders? Ideally, it should be 10 feet apart. It will help you keep one feeder away from the bully birds’ territories. However, ensure that the hummingbird feeders remain completely visible to the hummers. You can keep them in an obvious and shady place without creating a cluster. 


Hummingbird feeders will help you attract more birds to your property, provided you position them carefully. If you wish to provide the hummers with surplus food and ensure everyone’s well-fed, you can install feeders at some gaps. So, you can keep away bully birds and allow them to practice their natural eating habits and whatnot by planting multiple well-separated feeders.