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How Do Pigeons Show Affection to Humans?

How Do Pigeons Show Affection to Humans?

The relationship between humans and pigeons goes a long way back especially when you consider that pigeons are the first birds that humans have ever domesticated. This means that pigeons have been pets for a long time, and one of the things that we know when it comes to pets is that they are some of the most affectionate animals in the world. But, as blank-faced and as odd as pigeons may seem from time to time, how exactly do they show their affection to humans?

Pigeons show affection to humans in a wide variety of ways such as flapping their wings, cooing, cuddling, and even sleeping next to humans. While they aren’t as affectionate as some other pets are, pigeons are still capable of showing affection in their own little way.

A lot of people give pigeons a negative reputation for being seemingly robotic or even emotionless a lot of times but these birds are capable of showing affection in their unique way. That means that we shouldn’t try to look for the same signs of affection that we often see in dogs or cats when we are trying to read whether or not pigeons are showing affection. With that out of the way, let’s look at the different ways that pigeons show their affection.

Are pigeons affectionate birds?

It is nearly impossible to not know what a pigeon is because these are some of the most common birds in the world to the point that you can practically find them wherever you go. Of course, you might also know what these birds look like and what they do. Most of the time, they are seen walking around the streets looking wacky as they forage for food while wearing that blank face they are known for.

However, it is also that blank-faced expression that pigeons wear that makes people wonder whether or not they are capable of showing emotions or affections regardless of whether they may be wild or kept in captivity. So, are pigeons actually capable of showing affection to humans?

The truth is that there is no exact science that would support whether or not pigeons have feelings or are capable of showing emotions. However, just because there is no clear evidence to support the claim it doesn’t mean that pigeons aren’t affectionate birds. 

Those who have spent time with pigeons or actually own a few of these birds would know that pigeons are indeed capable of showing their affection regardless of whether or not such actions may be out of instinct or out of their capability of having feelings or emotions. While science may not be able to answer this with clear-cut evidence, we know for certain that people who have taken care of pigeons have seen how affectionate these birds can be through simple actions that may not be clear but are still nonetheless signs of their emotions towards you. 

How do pigeons show affection to humans?

Now that we have mentioned the possibility that pigeons can have feelings and emotions and that they can also express them through affectionate actions, let us now look at how they actually show their affection towards humans. But, before that, you have to understand that pigeons don’t show their affections in a manner that is quite similar to dogs and cats as they are completely different animals. Instead, you should look out for simple signs and gestures that may not seem much but are actually how the pigeon shows its affection for you.

  1. Flapping

One of the first signs of affection that a pigeon might show is that it is flapping its wings at you or around you. We cannot say for certain what this means or why pigeons do this but one of the things that pigeon owners notice when it comes to this bird is that it actually often flaps its wings at the sight of its owner or whenever it is hanging around with its human. It could be a sign of how happy it is to see its owner. But what we could say is that it surely is a sign of affection.

  1. Cooing

Cooing is one of the modes of communication that pigeons use whenever they are trying to communicate with their kind. If your pigeon is often cooing at you, it could mean that it is trying to tell you something. While that in itself might not be a sign of affection, it could still mean that the pigeon thinks of you as one of its own and that it is trying to communicate with you as if you are also a pigeon.

  1. Cuddling

This is probably the only sign of affection that pigeons have that is similar to all other domesticated pets as they are actually capable of cuddling. However, the kind of cuddling that pigeons have is a bit different compared to dogs and cats but can also be the same as well. So, in a sense, when your pigeon is trying to get close to you and may even sleep next to you, that could be a sign of affection as the bird might be trying to show that it is comfortable being next to you. But it could also be a simple sign of your pigeon asking for food.

  1. Regurgitating

This can be a bit odd because regurgitating isn’t always something that common pets do whenever they are showing affection to their owners. In fact, most owns would actually be worried when their pets regurgitate their food because of how they might sick or something similar.

However, in pigeons and in most other birds, regurgitating is a way for them to show their affection. Much like how cats bring dead animals to their owners as a way of giving them a gift (because cats may think that we aren’t capable of hunting for our own food), pigeons may regurgitate their food when you are around because they are offering it to you as a gift. It might sound a big gross or disgusting but just think of it as the bird’s sign of affection for you.

  1. Being around you

Something as simple as not flying away or trying to hide when you are around is already good enough as a sign of affection when it comes to pigeons. Again, pigeons are not the most affectionate in terms of how they display their feelings for you but simple gestures such as being comfortable around you or not being afraid of you may already be enough for you to understand how they feel.