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How do I record Bird Sounds on my Android?

How do I record Bird Sounds on my Android?

Bird watching is a soulful experience for everyone. However, with various recording techniques and vocalization, bird watching is on a whole new level concurrently. Although, it could be a daunting affair for some, especially new bird watchers. This article brings clear insight into the world of bird watching using some of the best recording apps available on Android.

Methods for recording bird sounds on an Android phone

Below are methods for recording bird sounds on an Android phone.

Use an external audio accessory

While you can use your native apps to record bird sounds, attaching an external microphone could be a great idea for better quality. Besides, if you have a shotgun microphone or a parabolic reflector, you still use it to your advantage using an adapter or a cable. For newbies, you can watch below video to help you build your setup and start enjoying the symphony of our little feathery friends.

In addition, in-built voice recorders often lack noise cancellation, which can make a great difference. Why? In-built recorders often record in .mp3 formats, which get compressed when saved. It can be very misleading since birds hear sounds differently than humans. 

A good recording technique is a must

You may have the best recording options available at hand, however, a good recording technique takes your experience to a whole new level. Our android phones are designed to capture loud sounds, whereas bird songs are usually soft and can be heard at a distance. For better sound quality, you should be at a close distance to the bird and keep your microphone away from any background noises. In addition, you should always make sure to check your audio devices before recording and backup your files. You can check this link from Ebird to get some of the best bird sound recording techniques.

5 best Android apps for recording bird songs

Technology has been a blessing to ornithophiles all around the world. It has brought us closer to our feathery friends, and we can’t get enough of it! However, when it comes to diving into the technical aspects, we often find ourselves perplexed. With the right applications and devices at hand, we can have an amazing experience to cherish forever. Here are the top 5 apps that will help you record bird sounds on your android phone:

Dolby On: Record Audio & Music

If you have an android device, this might be your holy grail. It is a powerful app that can transform your device into a powerful recording tool. Besides, the features are free of cost, however, if you want to use it to its full potential, you might have to pay for the pro version. With high-end Dolby technology, this application can efficiently capture soft and distant noises along with Dolby’s Dynamic EQ to give you an impeccable fine-tuned treble, bass, and mids to control your sound settings.

Smart Recorder – High-quality voice recorder

For high-end sound recordings, Smart Recorder is your best bet. Unlike other applications, it offers a plethora of features without any charges. This application can also be paired with external devices for even better sound quality. In addition, it provides a live audio spectrum analyzer along with Wave/PCM encoding and adjustable sample rate (8-44 kHz) for customized sound controls. Besides, there is no storage limit, and it doesn’t eat away your phone’s charge quickly. The interface is easy to use and has a single tap option for recording. While it doesn’t offer noise cancellation, you can edit your file and cancel out the background disturbances without any hassle.

Aroundsound Audio Recorder

Originally designed for ASMR recordings, Aroundsound Audio Recorder can be a great application for recording birdsongs. Since ASMR sounds involve capturing delicate and soft sounds, this can a great option. Moreover, you can also pair this application with external recording setups. Apart from this, you can record audio and share it with your friends and family from the app easily. Recorded audios are backed up to your drive or cloud storage to prevent data loss. However, if you want to use the app at its full potential you have to pay for the premium version of this app.

BandLab – Music Making Studio

Bandlab is one of the best free audio recording applications available on the play store. With more than 37 million users worldwide, this application allows you to record, edit and share high-quality recordings. Although it is predominantly used to produce audio tracks, it can be a great tool to record bird songs. However, you should record from a close distance and turn on the noise cancellation feature.

If recording bird sounds is your main target, you can avoid purchasing the premium version, since most of these features are dedicated to music production. This application is easy to use and requires no professional skills to use it effectively.

Lexis Audio Editor

Designed especially for android devices, Lexi audio editor is an amazing application that allows you to record soft and delicate sounds including bird noises. This application allows you to set your optimal sound settings and offer features that let you share your bird songs with others. In addition, it also has a 10 band equalizer and a wide array of audio formats such as mp3 (-320kb/s), wav (16 Bit PCM), FLAC, m4a, aac, etc.

Best settings for recording bird sounds on Android phones

  1. Before you begin recording, you should always choose WAV (.wav) file type that will give you a crisp and better quality sound.
  2. Most android phones offer you options that let you set the recording quality. Set your recording quality to as high as possible. Moreover, you should pick a sample rate of at least 48 kHz and a bit depth of 24 bits for a crisp sound quality. However, if those features are unavailable, make sure to customize your sound settings to 44.1 kHz and 16 bits.
  3. Always turn off your Automatic gain control or AGC to help you control your sound settings manually.

Best bird watching apps on Android

Check out best apps for bird watching on Android here.

If you are a bird watcher, eBird is the best app for bird watching and a must-have for your Android. With over 9500 species listed on the app, it is a free platform for birders everywhere. Apart from keeping track, it also has a vast directory for birds. In addition, this application lets you download “packs” or a list of birds that are seen by other ebirders in your area.

The best feature of this application is offline support. This lets you use the app even when you might have network issues. Available in 26 languages, it also offers location and time tracking features as well.


Now that you have a fair understanding of various sound recording techniques and applications, we hope you can now make the right call you attract your feathery friends. Enjoy the symphony and record it at the best quality to cherish it forever!