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What Are Two Doves A Sign Of?

What Are Two Doves A Sign Of?

For centuries, the two doves have been a symbolism in different cultures. Nowadays, the two doves have more universal meanings that are commonly used by everyone all around the world. Thus, these beautiful birds are constantly used to represent harmony and peace in every corner of the world. Also, doves are usually presented in pairs, which makes me wonder about the meaning behind the two doves.

The picture of the two turtle doves is a clear symbolization of love. Doves are loyal animals that always stay beside their mate. They protect and dedicate all of them when they finally meet their mate, though this is just one of the meanings behind it.

There are plenty of meanings that the two doves symbolize; thus, every one of them stands for good things. The doves represent purity, innocence, love, and the union of a family. Then, these birds are considered as a good sign that brings positive things to life.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning of Two Turtle Doves?

The doves are a representation of loyalty and love. Once two doves are coupled together, they are constantly in the other’s company and are never far apart. Because of that, the two doves are a clear representation of fidelity and trustworthiness.

Also, the two doves represent the union of two people in a relationship. As the glue that sticks together with a family, the doves have devoted parents that build the nest up, both female and male actively participating in the upbringing of their chicks. Thus, they are a symbol of love and devotion.

Doves in various religions are considered as a sign of good omens. Then in some monotheistic religions, such a Christianity, doves are the messenger of God. Consequently, the doves are considered a spreader of different messages that evoke peace, faith, and good feelings for the soul.

It is thought that the doves bring to the humans’ soul peace, and consequently, some spiritual illumination that guides the people to make correct and humble decisions. Furthermore, when people died, the doves symbolized the soul leaving the human body. Some people consider the doves as a sign that illuminates humanity in the right way since they symbolized prosperity and new beginnings. 

Though, when it is possible to generalize and agree to a universal meaning for the two doves –or doves, in general–, in each culture and religion, it is precisely to explain what they symbolized for some of them.

What is the Meaning of Doves in Different Cultures and Religions?

People around the world have different beliefs and traditions, as a result, the meaning behind a symbol will not be the same for everyone. While doves and pigeons have a common “universal” connotation, which is not other than peace, union, and love, doves, specifically, can vary in their meaning over the cultures.

Particularly, two doves represent love and union. In some European cultures, doves are around the goddess Aphrodite and Venus, both are the goddess of love, and they are symbolized with the doves. Thus, in ancient Egypt, the dove represents innocence, and this remains until today. Also, in some American cultures, when a dove appears close to someone, it is thought they represent someone that is no longer alive; likewise, in ancient China, doves symbolized a peaceful death.

In Christianity, the dove represents the holy trinity and the messenger of God that has appeared in several books transmitting the message of God. Also, the international symbol of the doves and olive that stand for peace has its origin in the Greek culture and then adopted by Christianity. Also, in a religion like Judaism, the doves have a similar meaning, and in this religion, in particular, the doves represent some sort of pure spirit.

What do Two Doves Mean in The Bible?

The doves appear in several books of the Bible as a representative of the Holy Spirit, as a messenger of God, and a guide for the travelers.

For the first time in the Bible, the doves are mentioned in the story of Noah’s Ark, where “a dove came into him” to announce to Noah that the Flood was about to end. Lately, the doves are mention when Jesus was baptized, saying that the Spirit of God descending like a dove; actually, in the Book of Matthew, it is described in that scene the next: “and the Holy Spirit descended on him in bodily form like a dove.”

Thus, the Christians introduce the use of the image where a dove carries an olive branch into their pieces of funerary art. Consequently, the dove was used to represent peace, and nowadays, the meaning remains. But, going back to the earliest times, the dove used to represent the mother goddess as well. 

Doves are considered as a divine representation and some sort of guide for the purest souls. As a result, the doves also represent pure souls that offer support and spiritual illumination for those who are going through hard times.

They have a diversity of meanings that evoke simple but important feelings such as love, sacrifice, and realization for the devout.

What is the Symbolism of The Two Doves?

As much as doves have diverse meanings, I can say that it is the same as what doves symbolize. To be more precise, there is plenty of representations that doves symbolized, thus, here are some of the most common symbolizations of the doves:

  1. Love

As animals, doves are once paired with a similar species, and they are matched until their last days. They symbolized a strong and deep connection between lovers, and as a result, they stand for unconditional love.

  1. Peace

The universal symbol of peace is the doves. In Christianity, the image of a dove carrying an olive branch and the word peace is a constant element, thus, this picture of the peace dove is widely used today for many cultures worldwide. Therefore, many people believe that doves bring peaceful energy and positive vibes.

  1. Loyalty

Once a dove finds its perfect match, these are loyal to each other, and whenever a third dove wants to try and get the attention of one of them, the couple clearly shows to this that it is unwelcome in their love nest. They are dedicated animals and loyal to their mate. They stay together until the very end; thus, people use this act as a symbol of loyalty.

  1. Union

In recent decades, the symbol of the doves is hardly attached to the union of a couple. They are often used in wedding ceremonies to represent the love and union of both lovers. The representation of the two doves in a wedding stands for the unity of the souls, for long and stable relations.

  1. Parenthood

Doves are well-known for being dedicated parents. Both females and males are part of the whole process of taking care of their chicks. Also, the males help the females to incubate the eggs and protect the nest against any danger. The doves are an exceptional example of parenthood, so as a result, they symbolized parenthood.

  1. Holy Spirit – A messenger

In the Bible, the holy spirit appears in the form of a dove when Jesus was baptized; this is mentioned in several books. Also, the dove is a messenger of God that communicates its omens to its followers and believers. 

  1. Sacrifice

In some religions and cultures, doves were presented as sacrifices to the gods and goddesses. Nowadays, some of those traditions are kept, but other religions and cultures use the doves as a gift, and they free them instead of killing the doves in the symbolization of a present to the deities.

  1. Death and Pure Souls

Since the beginning of the civilizations, people say that doves are a materialization of souls; thus, whenever a dove appears near someone and stays there for a while, this is a symbol of support from the beloved ones that have passed by.

What does It Mean When You See a Pair of Doves?

A pair of doves means pure and strong love. The two doves’ symbol is commonly used at weddings or as representing the union and love that exist in the couple that is getting married.

It is curious how since centuries ago, the doves are intertwined with love symbols and meaning. Going back to older civilizations as Greek and Rome, the goddess Aphrodite and Venus were the goddess of love and always with the doves.

The two doves represent innocent love, and this meaning is still being used nowadays. Thus, when doves find their perfect mate, they stay together until the very end. As a couple, they are loyal and dedicated, always working together to create a lovely nest to raise a family.

The two doves are a clear representation of deep and unconditional love.

What Does It Mean When a Dove Visits You?

It is thought that doves represent good omens. In several Bible books, the doves present to different important characters to transmit significant messages sent by God to help them in critical moments. Thus, it is believed that doves are a sign of good omens.

Conversely, doves may also resent the spirit of dead people. Some myths say that doves can materialize the souls of people, then, when someone dies, they can transmit support to their beloved ones. So, when a dove or a pair of dove visits someone means that good spirits are protecting it.

Thus, when it is a white dove, this represents the purest spirit. Doves transmit peace and serene vibes to provide comfort, and it is thought that the spirits provide this that the dove is carrying. 

When a dove appears in dreams, the meaning changes a little bit, yet they still bring good significance when they take part in a dream. So, in dreams, the dove is still symbolizing peace. They are associated with good omens, prosperity, a healthy and longevous life. Thus, it is considered good to dream with doves since they represent many good things that provide to the person an augury of the arrival of good things to its life. 

If the dove is freely flying in the sky, there are two doves together, or the person released the doves; it means that positive change is coming to its life. When this happens, it is always good to stay optimistic about it; dreaming with doves is a good thing!

What does It Mean When You See a Pair of Mourning Doves?

When a dove appears nearby someone, according to their colors and species, the meaning may change. So, when a mourning dove –also known as Grey Doves– visits someone, it may have an important meaning.

It is important to clarify that grey doves are the most common type of doves; they are found worldwide at any corner of it. Thus, some people assure that it has a special meaning when a mourning dove visits someone. 

Though they are a very common species, a few special meanings are when a grey dove visits somebody. These are the most known meaning behind the visit of a mourning dove:

  1. Friendship. While a pair of doves represents the union between lovers, the grey doves represent a stronger friendship. Doves can be considered as loyal birds, thus, when grey doves symbolized stable friendships.
  1. Peace. The universal meaning, any type of dove, will always represent peace and calmness. These birds tend to evoke peaceful vibes in the people around them.
  2. Forgiveness. If someone is on bad terms with their friends or with someone special, the visit of grey doves symbolizes forgiveness. People commit mistakes, and sometimes this can be changed. Let’s take the path of forgiveness, and purify the soul by leaving behind all those bad feelings.