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What Animal Would Steal a Suet Feeder?

What Animal Would Steal a Suet Feeder?

Do you know? You want birds to visit your property, but animals are uninvited. So, if you hang suet feeders for the birds, it’s better to know about the animals that can take away the feeders from your home. This post will give you an idea of these animals. Stay tuned! 

Which animals would steal a suet feeder? 

You can hold many animals to be guilty of stealing your suet feeder. It happens at night, mostly when the birds aren’t awake, and the nocturnal animals are in full swing. So, you might be thinking, what animal would steal a suet feeder and get attracted to suet. So let’s find a convincing answer below! 

1. Raccoons

You might have watched numerous raccoon videos and laughed at their cleverness. Indeed, these animals are rugged and go-getters when it comes to food. One of the primary accused of stealing suet feeders, primarily in the USA, are raccoons. They dare to take off the feeder with themselves during a raid at night. 

2. Squirrels

Squirrels are another suspect in the stealing act. If your suet feeder gets stolen away at night, it can be due to a nocturnal flying squirrel. However, the grey squirrels can be held responsible for stealing a suet feeder if the action happens during the daytime. 

3. Deer

Deers are herbivores. They are attracted to fruits and seeds without hassles. They can stand up on their hind legs and approach a hanging feeder. So, these species can be accountable for stealing a suet feeder. 

4. Opossum

Have you seen a small opossum? They might look innocent, but don’t forget their strength and razor-sharp teeth. Unfortunately, opossums have learned to live with humans and often wander on our properties in search of food. Since they can eat almost everything, opossums can take away your suet feeder when hungry.

5. Bear

Who doesn’t know about the strength of bears! Bears, especially the black and grizzlies, don’t fear humans. Instead, they invade our properties at night to find food. You can expect that suet might attract a bear, call it to investigate your property, and take away the feeder for a night party.

Which animals get attracted to suet (apart from birds)? 

Some animals get attracted to suet other than birds. Although they might not have the strength to steal away the suet feeder, they can have a party on the suet and leave nothing for the birds overnight. So, let’s reveal their faces and make things easier for you. 

1. Cockroaches

Cockroaches appear out at night to search for food. They can get up to your suet feeder and enjoy a meal at night. Some of these attacks can finish up the suet from your feeder entirely. 

2. Ants

Ants are amazing social insects. They have striking teamwork and group intellect. Ants can easily invade suet feeders and take away the suet to feed themselves and the younger ants. 

3. Rodents

Rodents are active pests for suet. They can enter the feeders at night and steal the food to satiate their hunger. Although they cannot take displace the entire feeder, consuming suet is not new for rodents. 

4. Snakes

Snakes might not be attracted to suet, but rodents bring them near suet feeders. Since we are discussing what animals are attracted to suet feeders, you can consider snakes as they love eating rodents who are huge fans of suet. 

5. Lizards

Lizards can eat approximately anything. They enjoy suet even. So, if you suspect suet getting eaten away at night, lizards can be probable suspects. They are strong and witty enough to find suet feeders and invade them at night. 

Why do they steal suet? 

You might get thought about why these animals steal suet. There can be multiple reasons behind their stealing actions. Some of them are:


The most probable reason why animals invade suet feeders or steal them is hunger. 


Many animals like raccoons and bears are curious. Their nature might drive them to steal suet feeders even if they aren’t hungry. 


Some animals want to taste suet even if they aren’t hungry. They can take away your feeder or steal the food at night effortlessly. 

Which animal steals a suet feeder in the USA? 

The USA has a large population of raccoons. These clever nocturnal species wander at night to find food and get a taste of many things. One of their favorite things to try is suet. Raccoons have no particular preference when it comes to food. So, they can taste many items at night, including suet. 

So, if you live in the USA and facing extensive problems of getting your suet feeder stolen, you can hold raccoons responsible for the act. These creatures are strong and clever enough to detach your suet feeder from the hanger to take away the entire structure. 

Which animal steals a suet feeder in the UK? 

You can find numerous grey squirrels populating the trees and gardens in the UK. They are large, strong, curious, and hungry. Grey squirrels love seeds and suet can be a potential attraction for them. There are many instances of grey squirrels stealing bird food in the UK. 

So, if you hang a suet feeder in the UK and observe it getting stolen away, grey squirrels can be the culprits. They have a preference for suet and might take away the entire system to feed themselves and the young ones, leaving nothing for the birds. It’s important to create an assembly that keeps squirrels away from the suet feeder if you want them to be for birds specifically. 


Animals are attracted to suet more than birds even. So, it’s important that you take the necessary steps to protect your feeder from these unnecessary bandits. If such a stealing event occurred with you, it’s better if you identify the accused animals. Once you do, you can take some measures to keep them away and keep your suet feeder unharmed for a prolonged period.