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What bird makes this call?

What bird makes this call?

You have heard new sounds from birds such as “Tweet Tweet”, “Cak Cak Cak” and wondering which birds did it? In this article, I would take you through some of such special calls that Californian birds make.

Tweet Tweet call by Prothonotary Warbler

The Caifornia bird that goes “Tweet Tweet” in your backyard or garden is called the Prothonotary Warbler. The adult male has high-pitched notes with the volume increasing as the end of the note.

He usually sings 5-6 songs per minute and can be heard in the mornings. Another observation about these birds is that as soon as they reach closer to the nest, the song becomes light and soft whereas vice versa happens when far from the nest, when the male is with a female, the songs are longer and tend to have a slow ending. Both the male and the female give a sharp tschip call during an aggressive faceoff with predatory birds. A significant high pitched shrill is common to distract the predatory while when the birds interact amongst the group they have a softer and thinner sound. 

What is a Prothonotary Warbler?

Prothonotary Warbler is a small songbird from the genus of Protonotaria. The birds are usually 13 cm long and weigh around 12.5 grams. They are pretty colorful, with bluish-grey wings and tails while the rest of the body is a bright yellow, they also have tones of Oliver on their back along with a long pointed beak. While the adult birds have a striking yellowish cum orange shade the female birds have a duller color.

Where do Prothonotary Warblers Live?

These birds are also known as “Swamp Warblers” they’re mostly found in wetlands, swamps, bottomland forests, majorly riverine areas are their habitat. These birds can be commonly found from Wisconsin to New Hampshire, majorly along the rivers that are their breeding grounds. They usually live in a cavity in dead trees, often found only in forests. These birds keep low, near to the ground.

Why is it called a Prothonotary Warbler?

They come from the genus of Protonotaria, apart from that according to legend these birds are named after “prothonotaries’ , these are papal clerical robes that are also in yellow color, they were worn by clerics in the Roman Catholic Church. 

Is the Prothonotary Warbler endangered?  

Due to depleting wetlands in the US, the birds fear habitat extinction which is the main cause of their depletion. Since they have an exclusive habitat, preserving the habitat means saving the prothonotary warbler. They also compete with other small birds for habitats. Climate Change, Change in water levels are also factors that may threaten the presence of the warbler. 

Can I have a Prothonotary Warbler in my backyard?

You can attract these sparkling warblers. However, you need to be in a wetland ecosystem, keep a water nest box in your backyard, you may attract a few of these birds. However, make sure the area does not have predatory birds 

How many birds does California have?

California Birds Record Committee (CBRC) has produced a comprehensive list of all the birds in California, it consists of 676 species. 

What is the official bird of California?


Californian Quail is the official state bird of California, it is also known as the Valley quail or Callipepla Californica. These valley quails are very sociable and gather in “coveys”, they are known to have dust baths in sun-lit places.

What are other common birds in California?

California is a popular stop for migratory birds as it falls along the Pacific flyway, apart from that it also hosts a bunch of regular birds that can be found near our homes. A few very common birds spotted in California are the Cooper’s Hawk, Allen’s Hummingbird, Dark-eyed Junco Yellow-rumped warbler, California Scrub-Jay, Ashy Storm Petrel, Bald Eagle, California Condor, Killdeer, House Finch, and many more.

Which bird makes the Cak- Cak-Cak sound?


The Cooper’s Hawk makes a sharp Cak-Cak-Cak sound, it is a series of Cak which they usually make while defending their habitat. When not breeding, these birds are pretty silent. A copper hawk is a predatory bird and is always on the lookout of other small birds, they are expert fliers and can chase their prey over high canopies. Unlike other birds, they don’t bite their prey, they either squeeze it in their claws or simply drown the prey. 

Which bird makes a buzzing sound?


The answer is Allen’s Hummingbird. These are from the family of hummingbirds and are small, and compact, their beak is straight and long and are in bright orange and a rusty-green color. They are quite common in the gardens and woods of coastal California. They rely a lot on the nectar in flowers and consume that. 

Which bird makes a trill sound?


Dark-eyed junco, these are species of junco or sparrows which are very common in the US. While their habitat is in the forests they feed on seeds and are easily recognizable due to their white markings. These birds are commonly known as the “snowbirds” as they can be spotted as soon as winter sets in and as spring come, they migrate to colder regions like Canada. These birds have short beaks while different species have different colors like grey, shades of black.

Which bird has a sweet whistling sound?


Yellow-rumped warblers(Setophaga Coronata) have a sweet whistling sound. They are also commonly found in the country, coniferous forests,coniferous-deciduous forests are their habitats. They usually feed on smaller insects but also on berries, as their name suggests they are characterized by the color yellow. These birds often migrate across the continent and can be spotted then.

Which bird makes a unique vibrating sound?

California Scrub-Jays or the Aphelocoma Californica can be found from British Columbia to California, these birds are often found in cities and are non-migratory, they get attracted to feeders. They have a white body with a deep blue color, and can often be found sitting on deer, feeding on their body parasites and ticks. They come from the crow and jay family. 


Overall, California is blooming with bird species and if you want to invite them to your backyards follow the points below- 

  • Natural Habitat– Create a natural habitat for birds, while some prefer under direct sunlight many won’t so keep the temperature in check. The best way is to create different ecosystems- have a small artificial pond along with heavy greenery.
  • Provide them food- Birds are fond of insects, seeds, nectar so make sure you have these available in your gardens.
  • Create a Bird-house– You can attract these birds by creating a bird-friendly garden using containers, you can also order birdhouse, feeders to encourage nesting amongst them.
  • Read, Research, Recreate – If you are keen on bird watching and breeding, read, read and read about their habitats and feeding habits, try to recreate them in your spaces. 

That’s it. Hope, you enjoyed reading about these special bird calls.