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What color bird feeders attract cardinals?

What color bird feeders attract cardinals?

Cardinals are one of the beautiful birds that anyone can like to see in the yard. And the best way is to attract them is to keep comfortable bird feeders for them to visit. Here I am going to share some color tips for the bird feeders to attract cardinals.

Bird feeders of colors red, blue and yellow are liked by most cardinals. As a general rule, many birds prefer earth tone, purple and pink colored bird feeders and even cardinals like it.

Color plays a significant role in the life of humans, birds and animals. And depending on it, the mood and behavior changes. If you are a bird lover and especially fond of Cardinals, then you can attract them with colors.

What colours do cardinals like?

As mentioned, Cardinals like Red and Pink colors the most apart from the other colors. You can have these colors in the garden in natural as well as artificial ways. Also, colors like yellow, green, blue, and orange can help you to attract Cardinals and other bird species to your feeders.

You can grow flowers that are pink, red, yellow, blue in colour and even decorate your fence with these colours. Keeping fancy objects of these colours can also help you to bring Carnivals to your garden.

What color bird feeders attract cardinals?

Cardinals like to be in a protective environment so that they can hide from their predators. If you want to attract the Cardinals in your yard, then the bird feeders placed there should be having colors considering the bird’s protection.

Many times in stores, the bird feeders are coloured based on the bird they want to attract in the yard. But this is not the same when you want Cardinals in your garden. So let’s have a look at what colour bird feeders attract the Cardinals.

  • Red – Cardinals like red colour, so it will be beneficial to paint your bird feeder with this colour. This colour also draws the birds attention to that object, but it’s attractiveness depends from one bird to another.
  • Blue – A study on the birds has found that they are more attracted to this colour than other colors. So, this color can attract Cardinals as well. Furthermore, it is observed that the blue color can attract birds the whole year.
  • Yellow – Birds that have yellow colour feathers on their body are attracted to this colour. So, Yellow cardinals can be attracted to your bird feeder if you colour it yellow.
  • Earth Tones – Some cardinals and other bird species also like dull colors like grey, brown and earthy green as they blend well with the surrounding. Painting birdfeeders with these colors make them feel safe and protected from predators. They can hide in the trees and enjoy the food without being noticed by anyone.
  • Pink – Pink is considered the color of warmth for birds. As cardinals like bright colors so after seeing the pink birdfeeder, cardinals feel safe and welcomed in your yard.
  • Purple – Cardinals also like to feed in this purple birdfeeder as it is a dark shade that blends with their color and protects them from predators. They also feel safe and protected in these birdfeeders.

These are some colours that you can paint on your bird feeders to attract Cardinals to your yard. But keep in mind about Cardina’s safety from the predators.

How To Attract Cardinals To Your Bird Feeders?

Below are most important things to take care to attract cardinals to your bird feeders.

Place the cardinal specific feeder

Cardinals like to feed on a wide feeder, as they prefer to sit, perch and feed facing forward. You can place hoppers, trays and platform feeders to attract more cardinals, so that they can relax and enjoy their feed.

Feed them their favorite food

As the beak of cardinals are strong and sturdy, they prefer eating seeds, nuts and fruits. But their favorite one is the safflower and sunflower seed. So even if you put these combinations of seeds in your feeder, you can attract cardinals to your yard.

Bird Feeder Location

Location of the bird feeder plays a vital role in bringing Cardinals to your yard. They prefer areas where they can protect themselves from predators. So you can place the feeders nears shrubs or trees so that Cardinals can hide and eat the food without any fear.

Movable Water Source

Water source is often overlooked by most of us. Cardinals drink water most of the day, so providing them a safe and reliable water source is one of the ways to attract them to the yard. Considering the Cardinal’s size, you can place a water container that is approx 2 inches deep, so that they can drink or swim in it. Ensure that the water is clean and free from algae, dirt and mosquito eggs.

Avoid Reflective Surface in the yard.

Cardinals are territorial birds and become aggressive if they find any unwanted bird or threat near them. They will even try to attack themselves in the mirror or any reflective surface if they feel unsafe. It is advised to avoid using large windows, mirrors, gazing balls or other reflective things in or near your yard.

What color is not liked by the Cardinals?

As Cardinals like few colours, there are 2 colours that they do not like, and they are white and Neon.

  • White – For birds, white color represents danger, and thus they stay from the region where there are white flowers or objects. So if you want to attract cardinals in your yard, then plant few white flowers and more other colorful flowers.
  • Neon – These colors are very bright and can attract predators easily. So cardinals dislike these colors as they feel unsafe and worried about being attacked by the predators flying in the sky. Keeping a solid color bird feeder and not too bright one in the yard is advised.


The color of the bird feeder plays a vital role in attracting Cardinals and various other birds in your yard and keep them coming back every day. So keeping the right colour bird feeder can ease your efforts of bringing more cardinals into your garden.

I hope this article has helped you and given you some idea of getting your favourite bird in the yard.

If you know any other colour of the bird feeder that can help you to attract cardinals, then do let other readers know in the comment section below.